Standards make Internet possible. Standards define how we can communicate with everyone. Standards are Internet gray matter. Can you afford not know them?

First release gathers activities of 3GPP, IETF (RFC and RFC-Drafts) and W3C. Soon botstandar will include NIST-Drafts and Broadbandforum. “Follow @botstandar today and knows the future internet”.

Feedback? mailto:ffranz[at]iniqua.com.

Change log:

_ Due high RFC-Drafts updates  @botstandar  only tweet new drafts published (-00).
_ We are working to create a RFC-Drafts evolution timeline.
_ 3GPP standard politics update generates huge changes related release versions. As a result  @botstandar  only publish new standards added. We are working to manage this information also.

Thanks @jcea for the feedback!